Who’d have thought that Bald Is Beautiful and World of Warcraft would have so much in common?! Well . . . it’s not exactly as it sounds, but it actually is.

By luck and happenstance of a random post that a mutual friend saw on an Improv FB group page, I was tagged and cyber-introduced to Andie Bolt, who is shooting an exciting and inspiring film project called WoWMoM, about her mother, Terry Bolt, who uses gaming — specifically World of Warcraft — to cope with her life-threatening cancer! Within 24 hours, I was sitting in Andie’s house getting mic’d up and ready to talk about “Things You Shouldn’t (and Should) Say to a Cancer Patient”! WoW, indeed!

What happened before, during, and after that brief but fun and emotional interview was nothing short of beautiful! I am always awed and humbled by the immediate, open-hearted, pure LOVE that people who are on this journey o’ cancer, either as the patients or the caregivers, share with each other. And I’m infinitely inspired when I meet other people using their powers of Creativity and Love for transcendent and transformational good!

I feel honored and blessed to have been included in this magical, weird, unexpected, intriguing project.

Click HERE to see/read more about her amazing and inspiring documentary!
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