The art of writing is a wonderful gift (a gift that keeps on giving!). It’s so beautiful to express things – thoughts, feelings, stories (fiction and non-fiction), ideas, concepts and theories, new perspectives on the infinite world and universe in which we live. These writings are put out there for us all to experience, if we should choose to share in that particular writer’s journey.

As with the other resources I’ve included on this site in other sections, I share these as sources of information, inspiration, laughter, thought-provoking elixirs, sources of Light, or just pure entertainment. The power of the mind to transcend what is happening with the body can be attained by many means (such as meditation or the like), and I found reading to be particularly meditative – in a stimulating way. When I could dive into a book and get immersed in the world that has been spun to life, painted in elaborate beauty or well-thought and good-intentioned information by the writers, it provided periods of relief and distraction from the physical pain of my journey, and stimulated and strengthened my mind to be better equipped to continue healing myself. Reading gave my brain both energy and rest simultaneously.

Here’s a selection of my faves (I’ll keep adding more as I recall them):