Inspiration Information

Abruptly relocated at the end of what was supposed to be a one-week visit with the folks in Miami, I was suddenly slammed by one helluva tidal wave (some Miami nautical metaphors) — I had ovarian cancer! The “Big C”? No f—in’ way, man! So, while being tugged and pulled and tossed around by the swirling riptides of this news and nearly drowned in all the crazy this-cannot-be-my-life-never-letting-go-undertoe, I had to start figuring out what the heck I was gonna do — the “what”, the “where”, the “who”, the “when”, the “how”, and of course, the big fat looming one of all, that sometimes-sixth-vowel-sounding-word: “WHY”????

Being the O.C.D.-type gal I am, I needed to know everything, read everything I could, be able to ask all of the right questions to all the right people, understand the answers, and, further, what the right follow-up questions needed to be. (Behind every good question are 1,000 other real doozies lurking-in-wait.)

Into “research” mode I dove, head first (literally, figuratively, metaphorically) — and I didn’t get to start at the shallow end, either. I was in deep and the mental pursuits were the main floatation device to which I clung fast, treading water just to keep myself somewhat sane all the while and not cramping up and drowning in self-pity, anger, frustration, fear, and that dreaded ringing-so-loudly-and-persistently-but-can’t-won’t-no-don’t-pick-up- that-damn-phone word: WHYYYY????

As I kicked and flailed and body-surfed (more Miami metaphors) my way through the research process, I came across many different resources and websites at the beginning, during, and at the “end” of this journey (that is, while in remission — both times). As I continue my journey at the other “end” (aka “LIFE”), I have found (and been found by) many others and their resources/sources of inspiration information. And so, I share them here with you . . .

These sites include a range of purposes: to inform, to console, to comfort, to refer; or perhaps they will renew your spirit, ignite your will to learn and live and love, or maybe just make you smile or laugh for one brief shining moment in the midst of the storm.

Click away . . . and please email me if you have sites ‘n sources you want me to check out and maybe include, too! Sharing is caring! And remember: Always smile from the inside out!